Entry #3

Becoming independent

2013-07-31 22:52:38 by MKjack

I just wanted to tell anyone visiting my profile here, that recently I have made the decision of building my own creative studio (multi kulti design). For this cause, I have made a special animation in which I want to transport the story I want to tell via my company.

Hope you like it:


You can get to my company homepage here:




Becoming independent


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2013-09-10 17:34:48

Good luck for your project, I work as a freelancer in Germany and know how hard it is to work on your own, with all the risk. At least, you are your own boss.
I'll keep my eye on your work, wish you all the best!

MKjack responds:

Hey danke für deine Antwort :)
Du bist auch selbstständig? Seit wie lange?

Ich bins jetzt seit 6 Wochen, und ich hab Schwierigkeiten Aufträge zu finden.
Wie machst du das? Kannst du mir vllt Tipps geben?

Wenn du willst können wir uns auch über Skype austauschen:
murimuffin is mein Skypename.

Schönen Tag!