Becoming independent

2013-07-31 22:52:38 by MKjack

I just wanted to tell anyone visiting my profile here, that recently I have made the decision of building my own creative studio (multi kulti design). For this cause, I have made a special animation in which I want to transport the story I want to tell via my company.

Hope you like it:

You can get to my company homepage here:


Becoming independent

Hey ^^
I told you about me working on Kid Icarus: Rampage 1!
And here are 3 Screenshots! 0/mkjack/kidr1.jpg


Started flashing: Kid Icarus: Rampage 1

2007-09-05 09:34:23 by MKjack

Well.. first comment on my profile XD

Some of you do know my Kid Icarus Series...

After having flashed this trailer here:

I wanted to announce that I started flashing Kid Icarus - Rampage (1)!
And WOW I am just feeling like I am flashing "Kid Icarus - Part I "XDXD

I know some of you expect some flashs from me, some don't,
But I am doing my best!

check out this site, a preview will appear there pretty soon ^^